Britesparks International School (BIS) is offering full High School Scholarships* to assist financially handicapped but intellectually capable students for SY 2017-2018. The BISSP is open to all students of Filipino citizenship who have completed their 6th grade of school or who have graduated from elementary level by May 2017.


Selection Criteria:


1. Must be a Filipino citizen

2. Must be an elementary school graduate from any private or public elementary/grade school.

3. Must have at least 90 % grade point average (GPA) and no grade lower than 88 or its equivalent in any subject.

4. No income limit but priority is given to children of parents with a combined gross annual income of P 300,000 or less.

5. Must pass the BIS Entrance Scholarship Exam and the initial and final interviews.


General Requirements for applicants:


1. Application Letter (addressed to the School Headmaster of BIS)

2. Certificate of Good Moral Character (from the elementary/grade school)

3. BIR Income Tax Return of parents (2016)

4. Report Card (Form 137/137-E)

5. Birth Certificate

6. Four (4) pcs. of 1 x 1 size and three (3) pcs. of 2 x 2 size pictures.


*The scholarship may be enjoyed for six (6) years provided the scholar maintains the appropriate scholarship requirements and abide by the school’s rules and regulations.


Retention of Scholarship:


1. Renewal every school year.

2. Maintains a GPA of at least 90% (A-) every term. A grade lower than 90 will result to the scholar being placed under Scholarship Academic Probation (SAP). Three (3) SAPs within one (1) school year will result to the loss of scholarship.

3. Maintains exemplary conduct during his/her schooling in BIS. The scholar must not incur any infractions or commit any offenses during his/her schooling in BIS.

4. Must be willing to undertake any stipulated activity, duty or obligation as required by the school.


Number of Scholarship Recipients for SY 2017-2018: Two (2)

Deadline of Application: May 1, 2017

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