Enter year 2016, Britesparks International school has been busy putting final touches to its plan to make Singapore Maths and Sciences available to its stakeholders. Come 2017, we are now seeing how the SG approach to these core subjects has changed student and parent perspectives, motivation and appreciation towards them.

Students who found learning Maths and Sciences overwhelming in the previous approach are now confident to take on projects as they learn on concepts along the way.

Students who are passionate towards Liberal Arts have found their niche in learning through this approach.

In the latest Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study or TIMMS Assessment, which results were announced late last year (Nov 2016), Singapore has once more ranked highest among other top performing countries. Moreover, SG students did not only ace the assessment but they have also set a mean score better than their previous record. A world-renowned proof that the students and teachers of BIS are using and learning from one of the best teaching and learning approaches.

Webpage of the TIMMS 2016 report can be found through this link: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/education/singapore-students-top-global-achievement-test-in-mathematics-and-science

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