“In all debates, let truth be thy aim, not victory, or an unjust interest.” – William Penn

The Grade 11 class applied their skills in argumentation and logic when they participated in the Asian Parliamentary Debate of their respective class last February 12, 2016 at the Britesparks International School, Sparkan Activity Hall.

The young men of the Grade 11 class demonstrated how to express opinions, refute an argument, and cite credible references when they debated on the motion that science is a threat to humanity.

Roan Luke V. Gamboa, Prime Minister, started presenting arguments which are highly based on researches. Mr. Gamboa emphasized that health is one of the factors that are greatly affected by developments in science. He also argued that human beings are being driven to unhealthy lifestyles because of the modifications being done in food processing. Moreover, the PM motioned that science can also be an avenue for mankind to develop materials which are harmful to the environment, and later on to mankind itself.

He was opposed by the Leader of the Opposition, Shin Sang Yeop. Mr. Shin counter-attacked the PM’s arguments by citing scientific breakthroughs which remarkably changed mankind’s way of life. Some of the LO’s evidences include medicine and health discoveries, safety and security devices, and food production. In addition, Mr. Shin also pointed out that science has indeed resulted to harmful effects; however, he emphasized that there has been greater advantages of science than its harm.

The Deputy Prime Minister. Kang Seung Woo, introduced another argument to the House. Mr. Kang argued that one of the disadvantages of scientific development is the production of weaponry which have resulted and continues to result to war. The DPM stated examples such as nuclear weapons, drones, and other weapons which are being used by the military to ignite factions between and among countries. Mr. Shin raised a point of information – stating that drones are also used for rescue operations and security purposes.

The teams delivered their respective whip’s speeches and later their reply speeches.

The adjudicators for the tournament, namely Ms. May Oribe (Grade 11 English teacher), Mr. Richael Mangibin (HS English teacher), and Ms. Joy Campomayor (HS Science teacher), discussed the strengths and weaknesses of each speaker. Ms. Campomayor gave feedback to the young gentlemen regarding the content of their arguments. Mr. Mangibin gave pointers for the speakers as to how they can deliver their speeches better. Moreover, Mr. Mangibin also told the debaters to always inject their arguments with the researches that they have collected, rather than focusing on mere researches. Ms. Oribe discussed how the debaters have improved compared with their previous debate practices.

The Grade 11 students were congratulated for being able to deliver a tournament in front of an audience and adjudicators. The Grades 9 and 10 students served as their audience.

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