February 5, 2016 - Learners from Preschool and Lower School departments of Britesparks International School went to experience how to be grown-ups and work in a community at KidZania, BGC, Taguig City.

After a series of thematic lessons about the community and its workers, BIS students set of to experience what it is like to be their favorite community worker.

 They started their long day by opening a bank account. A simulated BPI banking was introduced to the kids! They discovered that they need to manage their money and one of the best ways to do so is to open a bank account.

From the bank, they started their adventure of looking for work in the small community. After all, they have to earn KidZos so they can eat, play and relax. Speaking of eat, one of the popular jobs among the kids is to work in a fast food chain.

After the fast-paced production and servicing learned in Yellow Cab and McDonalds, BIS kids tried out a larger scale of food production. They manned the Magnolia ice cream plant. Here, they were able to use factory machines to make the cold treat everybody loves to indulge!

Next stop, medicines. Kids normally don't like medicines but what if they found a way to make it good-tasting as the ice cream?

They may have and we can tell by the look on their faces. Other jobs they have tried in the town are glass cleaning, news anchoring and segment hosting, TV show production, market planning, and modern landscaping.

Indeed students have discovered to learn! Of course, learning new knowledge and skills has to come with good values. Thus, one of the value highlights the kids had a first hand experience in learning today was the value of protecting life and property.

After trying so many jobs, the Sparkan kids still had some energy to spare to strike a final pose, ending their adventure with smiles showing eagerness for another chapter of learning and discovery.

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