by Ana Raphaelle Dulay

When the K-12 bill was signed by former Philippine President Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino, it was a lot to take in as I was only in 6th grade at that time. This means that there would be six years of primary education, four years of Junior High School, and two years of Senior High School before students can move into higher education. Right then and there, I have decided that I would never let myself struggle and go to a specialized strand focusing on Math, my most hated subject. I had this mindset that ABM would be difficult.  From the name itself, Accountancy, Business, and Management, one would think that this strand would consist of complex subjects such as economics, business math, accounting and so on. In reality, ABM is so much more than that.

Now, here I am in my last year of high school, writing about the life of an ABM student. If it isn’t obvious yet, I am now a student under the ABM strand. I broke my own promise by choosing a “Math-centered’’ track. Why? As previously stated, it’s more than just Math. We, ABM students, learn about roles in technology, retail, education, government and other sectors, as well as the economy in our country and lastly, the importance of it all.

The ABM strand might not seem as flexible as the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) strand, but in reality, it is. It can open as many doors for ABM students as STEM does for the students under their strand. Being in the ABM strand does not limit one to a managerial position and it does not limit one to being an entrepreneur. A student under the ABM strand can excel in various sectors and they do not necessarily have to work in the business field.

Although there are equal advantages and opportunities for the students of both ABM and STEM strands, the students from the respective strands face different types of challenges academically. Aspiring ABM students should expect to create presentations every week, pages upon pages of terms and concepts, constant brainstorming for business proposals, numerous case studies to answer, and non-stop calculating and solving business math problems. With these being said, diligence and hard work are expected from an ABM student. After all, every strand is difficult and they all expect a lot from students.

As a final note, the message I want to pass on would be that one should not quickly assume what a strand is limited to. Also, one should not generalize the capabilities of a certain strand. Lastly, do not limit yourself to what you believe you can and cannot do. If you do not try or at least challenge yourself to do something new, you may be missing out the opportunities that are already right in front of you.





By Matthew Jericho Sy

                  Britesparks International School steps up its efforts once again for the academic year 2017-2018 through the “Go Green” campaign. This campaign intends to spread awareness to every Sparkan about the actions that can make difference within the school environment. The Science teachers, along with the support of the faculty and administration, have worked hard to make this campaign possible.

                     The Go Green campaign is focused around the three (3) R’s; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle—the simple but effective way to prevent unnecessary consumption of the school resources namely: water, electricity and other essentials like tissue paper. The campaign also encourages everyone to take the initiative about the proper segregation of waste through the provided trash bins, in which labels such as biodegradable, non-biodegradable and residuals are written on it accordingly. Aside from the proper segregation campaign, “Go Green” highlights the need to conserve energy and water, thus, tips and ways are given to the school community for the realization of the campaign. Turning off the lights when leaving the room, using a cup of water instead of running water when brushing and turning off the air conditioner when there are no people in the room—these are simple actions that can be done to materialize the challenging campaign of the year. Furthermore, being responsible as a part of the Britesparks community is the important thing that should be lived by every Sparkan. It must be considered that the victory of this advocacy does not lie on any hands but only on the genuine and willing hands of Sparkans. Hence, let every part of Britesparks community takes its strong environmental stand today and soon future shall give its reward for the love and concern to our Go Green advocacy.   


by Bashayer Mahmoud

Model United Nations (MUN) is a unifying activity where students from different schools lay down ideas, grow together, and connect in order to make the world a better place. Though it sounds simple and very-co-operative, MUN can be highly nerve-wracking. Many students can be anxious, scared, and nervous about the first day of MUN; however, that is all part of the initial learning curve. Learning always comes with challenges and it is normal to be tangled with loads of papers which contain resolutions, research, and other related materials during MUN preparation. Struggle in making a resolution and even debate battle in passing a resolution are just a few things that a MUN participant can encounter—something that students like me are afraid of. However, through the efforts exerted by the BIS officials in just two weeks of preparation, they were able to unlock new skills like analytic skills in the current events of the world and problem-solving skills in the resolutions of the various committees. As a student, I believe that the skills mentioned are great help not only for MUN but also for the future of ours. Moreover, an activity like this is one of the best ways to learn and to grow holistically as a person.

Meeting new people, having new experience and innovating solutions about the issues of the world lead toward the development of the main skill which is leadership. It gives you opportunities to unleash the realistic and effective ways to solve problems. More importantly, it makes you confident, critical and patriotic to help countries socially, politically and economically. MUN is more than just a place to show skills—it is place to discover one’s inner concern to the world where we continue to live in.





By Rachel Mayes


Many people believe that STEM strand is the most difficult option to choose out of the other strands available in the Grade 12 level. There is a stigma that this strand challenges all the abilities of a student because of the courses it covers—Mathematics and Science. Students are actually frightened of this strand because they think it is only for genius people and this mindset makes other people conclude that it is indeed for highly intelligent individuals. However, from what I witnessed—all strands are equally difficult. It is only because some people are more inclined to Science and Mathematics.


STEM strand offers countless number of opportunities given that it encompasses Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields. It can range from being a doctor, architect, chemical engineer, programmer, and so much more. Honestly, I cannot decide what career should I delved into. I have choices that are nowhere near similar to each other. I want to be a psychologist, a teacher, or an environmental engineer. I have a lot of things that I want to do—that is why I choose STEM because it offers a wide array of choices that I can decide from.


However, STEM’s difficult challenges sometimes surpass the opportunities it can give. Like the other students in Grade 12, I am pressured with this strand that I chose. I actually have a hard time balancing my social life and education at the same time. There are deadlines that I should meet, memorization tasks and even more required study time. It is hard but I think there are no other harder things in STEM than the finals. It is always tough to cram everything you learned for months then apply it on less than two hours of examination. It can overwhelm someone at first but as the time goes on, opportunities overpower the struggles in this strand. Realization comes in that STEM opens many doors—both challenging and chance-giving ones. Just do not let your daunting thoughts discourage you. Do not the let the formulas and mathematical equations get the best of you. Struggles are real but with some extra study time, less procrastination and more persistence—STEM stand will not be intimidating anymore.




By Donna Kim


After the long vacation, it is finally the start of a new school year. As a new student, I am very excited to meet new friends and to learn new things. On the first day of school, we had our Student Orientation where I got to meet my class adviser, classmates, and schoolmates. I am surprised to see how approachable the people are. The teachers and school staff are all attentive, kind, and responsive. Moreover, I noticed that the classrooms and even the hallways are already decorated. These things make me more excited especially with my strand—STEM. I could not wait to use the Science Laboratory. Everything is new and exhilarating! I know that this year won’t be easy since I am already in Senior High School. I know that I might face plenty of challenges along the way. But I believe that with hard work and help from the people around me—this will be a very fun and meaningful year!





Sociology Class of Grade 11


In our Sociology class, we are taught to always look at the bigger picture, to examine our daily lives, our actions and views using a sociological perspective. One of our lessons that really challenges our views is the issue of the aging population across progressive countries.

South Korea is one of the countries with the serious problem of an ageing population. Since there are many elderly but very few young people, the demography of our country is imbalanced. Yes, there are nursing homes and services centers, but the staff are not enough and the services are too expensive. This could lead to the younger population abandoning their elders. Moreover, the young employees are really scarce which can cause problems in our future economy.

Based on my perspective, there are possible solutions that can be considered. First, lower the prices of the elderly service centers. If this happens, more elderly people can afford to go there and families can send their loved ones to facilities which can provide proper care that they deserve. Second, seek help from schools so that students can be aware in taking care of the elderly. This can also help foster relationships between the young and the ageing population. Lastly, my final solution is to revise the regular retirement age because until now, many elders lose their jobs even they are still able. For me, as long as the person is physically, mentally, and emotionally capable to work, given that he also wants to, he should be able to keep the job. With this notion, many elders can keep their jobs and they can also develop relationships with more young people. More importantly, it can help them possess a continued sense of self-worth.

Overall, we should lower the price of elderly service centers, raise awareness to our students, and revise the regular retirement age. It will take plenty of effort and time, but with the help of both public and private sectors, the issues with the ageing population can be solved.



Literary Articles

Poem from Grade 9


The Thought of Utopia

Rafael Beltran


Think of blue skies, with a good amount of clouds,

Not too little to matter, not too much to shroud.

Now think of the neighbors with smiles on their faces,

As if like home is there no other place.

Think of a peaceful and polished place,

Without any scuffles, silly or with a serious face.

Could you concoct in your cranium,

Something so beautiful that will cause you delirium?

Think of beautiful and boundless bundles of botany;

Oh, how clean and clear the air would be!

Do not forget also, the beauty of the flowers,

With good smell and sight that will last for hours.

This is utopia you are thinking about,

With beauty and peace, in and out.

It may be Heaven, who knows what,

But between the both of us, it is a peaceful spot!

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