BIS Preschool Program caters to pupils aged 3-5 years. Under this program are Nursery, Kinder 1 and Kinder 2 levels.



The nursery students participate in an array of activities as they explore the territory of preschool. Many skills are developed using the natural curiosity of the student. The Nursery Curriculum helps each child feel safe and secure without pressure. Learning takes on a new meaning in the “I Can Do It” setting. Children are given ample opportunities to explore and experiment so that they can learn about many new things and relate them to the experiences, knowledge and skills they have already developed. Part of the program shifts its gear to reading, writing and math skills.

Kinder 1

The Kinder 1 Curriculum is mostly focused on academic activities that are designed to develop reading, writing, language, science, and math skills, as well as build social skills and self-confidence in an enriching and trusting environment. Our preschool teachers work with children using hands-on learning experiences to build upon the student’s knowledge and to reinforce concepts. The environment is closely monitored. We provide advantageous learning opportunities that challenge a student’s thinking and reasoning skills in a non-threatening way

Kinder 2

The goal of the Kinder 2 Curriculum is to prepare the students for grade school. A considerable part of the Preparatory Program is focused on more academic activities that will develop reading, writing, language, math, and science skills. This program is also designed to build social skills and confidence in an enriching and trustworthy environment.

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