“To set forth fearless and resolute,” is the summary of our institutional goals. Thus, our school develops its students for college preparedness and career readiness through the progressive learning and teaching approach.

Britesparks International School follows a curriculum based on international standards that challenges its students with ambitious but achievable goals. Topics within subject areas are carefully articulated to ensure that there is a clear progression as students move to a higher level.

To provide a richer or integrated learning experience to its students, the academic budget for each level in BIS is divided into different thematic units. This approach enables students to learn the value of relational understanding over instrumental understanding. The former empowers students by making them confident even when faced with unfamiliar situations, new environments or even more difficult lessons.

We at BIS make this approach possible through the use of UbD or Understanding by Design in planning our learning units. Overall, the curricular efforts in BIS brings authentic education that are based on what can prepare its students to go further in continuing studies, life, career and business.

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